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18, 2014
The rise of digital technology has changed the landscape of marketing as a whole. People are taking digital marketing techniques to the extreme, and undercutting their entire printing budget, replacing it with online ad campaigns. Furthermore, companies are finding success in balancing the two. The impact of Internet marketing has been proven to be far less efficient as a whole. A company needs to put in excess effort to get an individual into their business. In a physical environment, the breach is far more significant. Individuals are being reached in fresh ways and they are responding. There are a handful of major commercial marketing types that could benefit a small business and ease the burden of a company: 1. Offset Printing Offset Printing is essentially the highest quality printing method one can ask for. This is not grade-C commercial paper. This is a full-color vibrant print done on stylized high quality paper. 2. Digital Printing If a company is looking for short runs or bulk orders, digital printing is the way to go. It allows for the clearest images to come through without copying a copying but cloning the original resource. 3. Graphic Design? Stuck on a layout? Not sure of how to approach a new campaign’s tone and design? Commercial Printing eases the pain and works with you to find a concept that pops in execution. 4. Mailing Services Now that a company has a handle on these flyers or other physical products, they need to be mailed. Mailing services organize mass quantities of mail through a lengthy direct mail campaign. This is why physical marketing is winning out in the long term. The rise of digital online marketing is leaving major gaps, and this allows local companies to move in and make a serious presence in their local community. Commercial Printing is not about printing up ten thousands black and white flyers and throwing them all over town. Just as Internet marketing techniques are focused and precise (at least ideally) local marketing techniques are designed to be as well. Avanti Printing is the leading resource in Orange County for printing greeting cards, envelopes, catalogs, business cards, and brochures, among many others. It is allowing local companies to compete directly with larger entities by committing to a full-fledged and well-rounded marketing strategy.

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