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23, 2012
Although the Internet has certainly made shopping an easy endeavor, print catalogs still hold an essential place in the retail world. As such, it is quite important to make sure your print catalog is of the finest quality, regardless of what you are selling. Simply, put your print catalog must be clean, easy to read and organized to draw in the reader. Here’s what you need to know to ensure a quality print catalog:
  • Understand your target audience– Whether you are selling tools or clothing, you must get a good idea of your target customer, and you must understand what your customers are looking for. In other words, your print catalog should clearly reflect your target demographic.
  • Color is everything – Again, regardless of what you are selling, your catalog must be pleasing to the eye. And to do this you must have a quality color catalog. Although color catalog printing will require a larger initial investment, the increase in sales will almost always be noticeable.
  • Continuity must always be considered – When designing a print catalog, continuity is important because it allows all elements of a catalog to come together. For example, colors should remain consistent, the design should remain consistent, and the layout should remain consistent, from the first page to the last. Your design elements should be a consistent theme throughout your catalog.
  • Simplicity is key – A catalog must be attractive and eye catching, but it shouldn’t be so busy that the purpose of the catalog is lost. Remember that the ultimate purpose of the catalog is to sell something, so don’t make the process of finding your products or understanding how to purchase them a difficult process. A catalog should be easily navigated, so make sure you have achieved this before sending it to the printer!
  • Catalog printing quality is crucial – You may have the most beautifully designed catalog, but if you don’t ensure that you hire the services of quality printing company to print your catalog, you may very well miss the mark with your customers. A quality catalog printing service, like Irvine’s Avanti Printing, is a must when it comes to catalog printing!

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