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4, 2009


“The Dow Drops To Record Lows” “More Local Businesses Going Bankrupt” “Deranged Space Aliens Invade New York City” Perhaps that final headline was just a joke. But the first two are indeed representative of the real headlines that we read and see every day. In these tough times, it can be extraordinarily difficult to find any happiness during the workday, let alone any humor. However, it has been proven time and time again that humor and laughter can be an extremely effective way of raising one’s overall demeanor and mental health. Thus, it is crucial that you strive to bring a little humor to the workplace.  While it can be challenging to do this while maintaining professionalism, here are some tips on how to tactfully bring humor to the workplace:
  • Lighten Up Morning Meetings – If your company or business has a daily morning meeting, try to liven it up. A daily joke or “funniest employee flub” can really set a positive and funny tone for the day. Do you have a hard time invoking your inner comedian? Do a Google search for great inoffensive jokes.
  • Lift E-Mail Chain Bans – Plenty of companies place regulations on sending mass e-mails, even terminating those who do not oblige. If you have a ban like this in place, lift it immediately. As long as sexual, sexist, or derogatory jokes are not allowed, allowing employees to exchange jokes over e-mail can be an extremely positive thing. Reprimand individual employees who spend too much time e-mailing and not enough time working; don’t punish those who can balance both responsibly.
  • Listen to Comedy – Do you spend your time in the office listening to talk radio, where political pundits spend endless hours screaming at each other? Do you listen to pulsing rock music that raises your blood pressure, or smooth jazz that puts you to sleep? These days, Satellite and iTunes radio both offer plenty of comedy stations. Playing these in the background while you work can be a great way to bring a little humor into your workday.
Bonus: Need a joke to break the ice at tomorrow’s meeting? Here’s one: A boss tells his employee that he has to move to New York City. The employee is furious, and immediately exclaims, “New York City? But there’s nothing there besides loose women and taxi drivers!” The boss responds, “Look buddy, my wife was born and raised in New York City!” The employee – clearly flustered – immediately says politely, “Oh, is that so? What was her route?”

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