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23, 2010
  If your clientele is made up of local residents in your area, such as a regional retail or service business, then you might consider adding door hangers to your marketing tool arsenal. Door hangers are inexpensive to print and are delivered to all your potential customers in your area. Door hangers are perfect for local businesses because after you choose a few target neighborhoods, you simply order an ample supply of door hangers and send a few people to hang them door to door. It’s important that your door hangers look professional, however, otherwise they’ll be thrown out. Using a professional printer will help you distribute a final door hanger that will catch people’s attention, using the following tips. Using Door Hanger Borders to Your Advantage Your printer will tell you your border options, meaning your door hanger content can be printed within a border or they can “bleed” it all the way to the edge. Bleed printing is more expensive, but getting a quote for both methods will help you determine whether the extra money is worth it. Although bleed printing looks very professional, the right printer can make sure your border doesn’t detract from your design so that you can save money and still appear professional to potential clients. Get Your Door Hangers Noticed People often come home juggling kids, groceries or are just in a rush. To catch their attention with your door hanger, use a bold, colorful headline to make them add your door hanger to their pile to read inside. Examples of headlines that work are offering a product or service for free or highlighting a huge sale. Nothing keeps people reading like the thought of a free product. Keep the content beneath your headline simple and concise as well. Door hangers are meant to be teasers, not full catalogs, so give people a reason to check your business out. Also, door hangers should be printed on both sides, even if you simply include directions on the reverse. That way, if it gets flipped over by the wind, for instance, the customer won’t think it’s blank and throw it away. Door hangers, if designed following these tips, are the perfect way to connect with your local customer base and increase your sales.

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