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27, 2010
If marketing posters are eye-catching and creative, chances are they will help boost your business image among potential and current customers. Marketing posters are typically hung in places where they will be seen by the most amount of people. With this in mind, if you create a design for your marketing posters that will not just advertise your business but will stay with your customers, then you’re already ahead. A crucial objective for a marketing poster is to create one that is so endearing that customers will hang one in their personal or business space as a collectible. Here are some tips for achieving this goal. Commemorate Important Events Celebrate a significant business event or award with a marketing poster that doubles as a collectible for the occasion and also advertises your business. You can also commemorate important events related to the community surrounding your business, such as a local anniversary or landmark. As long as you include your company’s information on the marketing poster, this keepsake will advertise your business in a meaningful way. Use Celebrities If a particular celebrity could tie in with your marketing poster theme, then make that person the central figure of your marketing poster. You can use a well-liked local celebrity, a movie star or even an author.  Just make sure to get the rights to reproduce a celebrity’s image or to use an existing photograph before printing your marketing posters. Sponsor a Local Artist Giving back to your community is always important, so why not choose a local artist to create a special image in her chosen art form to use as your next marketing poster? This way, the artist and your business gets good publicity as people collect your piece of commissioned art. Design With Art in Mind If you have a talented designer on staff or regularly work with one, let that person create a unique marketing poster that is designed to appeal aesthetically to viewers. Complementary colors and patterns that tie in with an overall theme, along with an eye-pleasing font, are all necessary components of a successful design. If you design your next marketing poster around one or several of these concepts, you’ll likely enjoy seeing your hard work disappear into the hands of current and potential customers who respond to the artistic design of your marketing poster, making it a coveted collectible instead of just another marketing tool.

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