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12, 2009
corporate-greeting-card1 Greeting cards are not reserved only for the winter holidays. Whether it is Valentine’s Day or the Fourth of July, each holiday presents a great opportunity to remind both old and new clients that they are never far from your thoughts. However, it is important to avoid blatantly advertising your company or brand when sending holiday cards. If the recipient gets the impression that you are using a holiday as an excuse to bombard them with advertising, they may begin to view your brand as cheap. Instead, keep some important tips in mind when sending out promotional holiday cards. • Don’t Excessively Repeat your Name – Don’t excessively repeat your brand name. For example, the card should read, “We would like to wish you and yours a wonderful and joyous holiday season. Sincerely, the Jones Group.” The card shouldn’t read “We here at the Jones Group would like to wish you a joyous holiday. The Jones Group has been in business for thirty years and hopes to enjoy a working relationship with…” Avoid repeatedly naming your company or brand. It reads less like a card and more like a commercial. • Personalize It – The only way to really be successful at promoting your company or brand through holiday cards is to personalize each card for each recipient – plain and simple. People love to think that they are the special receiver of a unique message, rather than simply one of a thousand on a mailing list. This may not be possible if you indeed do have a thousand names on your company’s holiday list. However, if you can personalize at least a hundred of those cards, you will be amazed at the response you receive. • Great Design – Don’t blindly select whatever stock holiday card is cheapest for a bulk purchase. Instead, spend a little extra on a truly quality glossy card. The point of these holiday cards is to gain new clients and bring back old ones. Ensure that your card will be regarded as a genuine holiday card, rather than just as junk mail. When it does finally come time to send winter holiday cards, remember never to name any specific holidays. The point is to appeal to myriad clients, no matter what their backgrounds or personal beliefs.

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