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23, 2009
Christmas gifts For many businesses, holiday planning begins months before the actual event, especially when the end-of-year holidays generate a large portion of a business’s profits.  If you are looking to get a jump start on holiday sales, then simple and cost-effective postcard printing could be a great idea for your business. Postcards have many advantages.  Postcards are simple cardstock paper cut from letter size paper into halves or quarters.  You can print multiple postcards on a single sheet of paper, saving you money on printing costs.  Postcard printing can be easily designed because of their size.  In addition, you can easily and cheaply mail promotional postcards to your mailing or contact list to nudge customers to start thinking about holiday buying – and how they can get a great deal by shopping soon with your business. Here are some ideas that can really make a punch with your holiday postcard printing.
  • The first line is the most important – The postcard headline is the one line of words that catches a customer’s attention.  It could mean the difference between the recipient reading the postcard or tossing in the recycle pile.  Spend a lot of time making a great headline that really stands out.
  • Punch the product – Try designing a postcard with an emphasis on a particular product you want to promote.  Get the product idea in the customer’s head and highlight why that would make the perfect gift.
  • Limit the postcard idea – Postcards are great for promoting a single product or idea.  Don’t get caught up in trying to list a catalog on a single postcard.  There’s just not enough space.  However, by limiting your postcard to one idea, you have a better chance of getting a response.
  • Give a call to action – All sales advertising include a call to action that tells the customer what they need to do next.  Include in your postcard printing a clear call to action explaining how the customer can take advantage of the offered deal.  A simple “Order now – supplies are limited” is a simple call to action that gets the customer to act fast.
The holidays always seem to arrive before we know it.  Don’t get caught last in line behind other businesses when it comes to promoting holiday sales.  Get on the bandwagon early and send out postcards to encourage customers to start buying right away.

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