What is Digital Printing

and How does it compare to Offset Printing?

Although Digital Printing really describes any type of printing from a file, it has evolved to describe a specific process. From simple low production models to million dollar presses, Digital Printing is produced on machines that use toner to apply the image onto the paper. The toner does not absorb into the paper but rather forms a thin layer on top of the paper. The most common names you are probably familiar with are, Xerox, Cannon and Konica Minolta. Avanti Printing utilizes Xerox equipment because of its superior quality and reputation.


Although the quality of Digital Printing is inferior to Offset Printing, don’t be discouraged if your project requires Digital. The quality of Digital Printing has come a long way from the “copy machine” look and is very impressive when compared with Offset. The average observer may not even be able to tell the difference with most Digital print jobs.

So you may be wondering why print Digital rather than Offset. Digital Printing is ideal for short-run projects, typically under 1,000 pieces of 8.5×11 size paper. Digital is also much more cost effective when you have multiple versions of a short-run project that would require expensive set-up costs with Offset Printing.

What is Offset Printing?


  • Short Runs / No Minimums
  • Same Day Printing available
  • Cost effective when printing small quantities
  • Ideal when you have many versions to print in low quantities
  • Less waste used with set-up paper


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