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12, 2009

marketing with kids

Who doesn’t love an adorable little kid in a commercial? No matter who you are or where you are from, you probably cannot help but say “aw” when you see a cute little kid hawking a product. Using children in your marketing materials can be a great strategy to win over myriad types of customers. A photo of a child or a video clip of children being happy with your product can be an extremely successful marketing strategy. Here are some tips and techniques on how to make kids work in your marketing materials:
  • Be Creative – Be creative when creating marketing materials that feature children. Although this can be an incredibly ingenious strategy, it is still important that you use children in a way that is creative and logical. Just throwing pictures of kids into an ad without a clear intent or strategy can be disastrous, especially if you own a business that would not immediately be associated with children.
  • Be Professional – If you are shooting a commercial or doing a photo shoot, be extremely sure to abide by child labor laws. Violating these laws can carry extremely harsh penalties. Even if you are using children that are relatives, keep all filming to less than two hours.
  • Don’t Be Grating – While kids are cute, the voices of extremely small children can actually be somewhat grating to a lot of people. Thus, be sure to use kids who are older than ten if you are recording a radio spot or a commercial where the child will be doing the majority of the speaking. Furthermore, this ensures that your message is clearly heard: Because really, how many two year olds who you know can clearly say “free estimates for roofing and home repairs?”
  • Shoot Your Own Family – People like entrepreneurs and business owners who they view as human. Don’t be afraid to inject yourself into your child-oriented marketing materials.
Even if you are abiding by child labor laws, kids can tend to get pretty cranky after a few hours on the set. Thus, be sure to have plenty of treats and entertainment around when shooting any photos or filmed spots.

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