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3, 2013
For many businesses, there are fewer marketing tools that are more successful than postcards. Postcards are ideal, as they can be used for a number of marketing campaigns or goals, and they are quite effective for both business-to-business campaigns and customer campaigns. Here are just a few reasons why postcards through Orange County postcards printers may be a great idea for your business’ marketing campaign:
  1. Postcards are an inexpensive way to begin your direct marketing campaign. Head to any postcard printer and you will soon find that they are quite inexpensive to print when compared with other printing jobs. In addition, mailing a postcard costs significantly less than mailing a letter, thereby saving you on both the printing end and the mailing end. Plus, you don’t have to waste time stuffing envelopes!
  2. Postcards, through Orange County postcards printers, allow you to catch your customers’ attention right away. A postcard is like a small sign in the mail that instantly gets the word out. Because customers don’t have to open envelopes, they are more likely to read what your postcard has to say.
  3. Postcards are a great way to track your marketing campaign. Use a postcard as both a marketing tool and a coupon, and you will be able to see the effects of your marketing campaign. The more people bringing in the coupons, the more successful your marketing campaign. Further, you can examine where your coupons are coming from, thereby allowing you to better track your demographics for your next postcard campaign.
  4. Postcards show your customers the quality of your business. Ensure the Orange County postcards printers you choose use the highest quality postcards so you can be sure more people will respond to your postcards. Instead of low-quality cardstock, choose something sturdy and glossy, thereby quickly capturing the attention of your customers as soon as they open their mailbox.
  5. Postcards are green! Postcards use far less paper than traditional mailers and envelopes, thereby allowing you to take steps toward saving your marketing budget and saving the environment.

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